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I am still researching for pretty ideas to enhance our reception on Boxing day. I found this brilliant technique from How Stuff Works. Sifting cocoa and sugar onto doily patterns is such a brilliant idea!

Sifted Cocoa and Sugar Patterns
waxed paper
doily with large pattern
large spoon
fine-mesh sieve
skewer or toothpick
unsweetened cocoa powder or powdered sugar

1. Cut waxed paper into strips, each 2 to 3 inches wide. Tuck strips under cake to keep plate clean.
2. Position doily on top of cake. Carefully position the doily in the center of the cake.
3. Spoon cocoa powder or powdered sugar into sieve. Hold the sieve over a sheet of waxed paper for easier cleanup.
4. Holding sieve over cake, gently tap sieve with hand to sift cocoa powder or sugar in an even layer over entire surface. Move sieve over cake slowly and smoothly for an even effect.
5. Carefully remove waxed paper strips. Remove doily with skewer or toothpick. Work carefully so you don't disturb the pattern.Work carefully so you donnot disturb the pattern.

TIP: Cocoa powder works well for light-colored desserts; powdered sugar is best for dark-colored desserts.

[images and text from How Stuff Works.]

For more great ideas, visit How Stuff Works.

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