mein 2012 brooches

mein 2012 brooches

limited editions
in all our favourite colours



limited edition colours:

Antique (White)
Slate (Grey)
Duck Egg
Midnight (Blue)
Mellow (Yellow)
Salmon (Pink)
Cadmium (Orange)

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clockwise (bottom left to right): ochre, salmon, midnight

clockwise (bottom left to right): mellow, anthracite, titanium, duck egg

clockwise (bottom left to right): ochre, titanium, duck egg, anthracite

clockwise (bottom left to right): duck egg, ochre, midnight, white

(top to bottom): vermillion, anthracite, titanium, salmon, duck egg, orchre, midnight


While away time

With another baby in tow, it is getting difficult to find a moment to sit still.
There is something mesmerizing about these little fish.
And then I realise I can enjoy whiling away time all over again!

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2. Left click to feed.


Kowloon Walled City

I hardly blog about architecture, but this illustration is too incredible!
Prior to its 1993 demolition, a Japanese research team mapped the interior of the Kowloon walled city settlement. The team produced colorful section diagrams showing both the social and sectional topography. The tangle of activities and spaces show an existence of incredible complexity and spatial relationship to the inhabitants surroundings. 
Kowloon walled city was torn down in 1993.

Click on image for enlarged view!

The result of the research is a beautiful book 
Large Illustrated Kowloon City (大図解九龍城)
Kowloon City Expedition
Kazumi Terasawa (寺澤一美)
H. Kani (可児弘明)

find the book  here!

[images from zoohaus and visual news]
[text and information from visual newsarchitecture for guerrilla and zoohaus]


amy moss - eat drink chic

Oh joy!
Pretty party favour found on eat drink chic

find the envelop template here (by talented amy moss)
find the label here (by talented amy moss)


mein™ at British Club Fair, Singapore

mein™ just survived 2 days at the British Club Fair! 
We brought happy brooches, hair accessories... 

mein nursery's own bloomers - Berry Collection...

mein organic - our super luxe 100% Organic Bamboo onesies!

now to rush for store orders...


mein™ featured - monday flying

Thank you for the mention: monday flying!

mein™ featured - plussixfive

It always feels fantastic when we are mentioned!
mein is really pleased to find our happy brooches at rockstar spotted by plussixfive


Ernest Haeckel

I cannot get these amazing images out of my mind.

Apart from discovering, describing and naming thousands of new species, Ernst Haeckel published Kunstformen der Natur (Artforms of Nature) with over 100 detailed, multi-colour illustrations of animals and sea creatures.

Find scans of his beautiful illustrations here!


Luci Everett

by graphic designer & illustrator Luci Everett 
A handmade, french-folded book playfully exploring the theme of "party".
The book is a portrait of the playful tradition

Find more of Luci's works here


boris tellegen

Love this architectural piece by Boris Tellegen.
The Dutch artist was a pioneer of the european graffiti scene in the 1980's.

his sculptures are the unison of physical versions of his graffiti tags
and expertly drafted architectural drawings.

[images and text extracted from .of paper and things. & DeltaInc Content]

Made by Joel

I am inspired by Portland artist and designer, Joel Henriques.
He has devoted himself to making arts and crafts that is both accessible and meaningful.

He created this amazing paper city with vehicles for his kids and shares his graphics here!

[images from Made by Joel]


mommies inc

I love our new venture
mommies inc

Started with 3 buddy mommies, all trained in design
We decided to get together to create fun party projects for kids.

This month, we are planning a circus party!
Follow our progress here!


Pierrot & Columbine

19 French children dressed as mime characters Pierrot (Boy) and Columbine (Girl)
 The boys are wearing black skull caps and the girls get the pointed hats. 

You can purchase the digital scan here.


Mein Brooch Collection 2011

mein's 2011 happy brooches in felt

mein is happy to introduce our latest babies!

felt brooches available in 3 designs:

Currently stocked at

Available online

we welcome wholesale enquiries
do contact us at design.mein@gmail.com



With a new baby on board, we realised that there was a need for "inflight" entertainment for the long car journeys. Slade is only 3 months and he is already getting restless in the car seat. I started taking photos of our favourite toys (with Instagram) and uploading them in an album on my mobile phone. I print them out on cardstock too.

If you think it would work for you, feel free to download these here

(Not for resale or commercial purpose)
copyright mein 2011


nature inspires

sambucus flower


mein™ letterpress collection 2010

mein letterpress & books
blank cards
collection 2010 
9 designs

mein is proud to present our off-the-shelf letterpressed cards
handprinted on our own adana 8x5 in mein's tiny little studio workshop
our designs are printed using wood blocks the old school way

Currently stocked at

browse our collection below


Pattern Inspiration

Found @ Joo Chiat, Singapore

Mein Brooch Collection 2009-2010

Mein's current best seller - happy brooches in wood or acrylic.

2010 has been a busy year for mein. At the start of the year, we finally launched our products with kind stockists in Singapore.

The making and production of our happy designs has been a steady uphill climb. Making is the best bit. Pricing is the toughest. At least that is the case for me.

Mein has been lucky so far meeting very kind stockist who have been very patient & encouraging:

Mein Doily Invite

I am finally back in action after delivering a healthy baby.

One of the joys of making is sharing. 
A while back, I posted on flickr, a step by step guide to making mein doily invites.
It received alot of encouragement and mentions.

Here is a step by step guide to making the invite with suggested dimensions:
a) Select a doily that can fully cover your old cardstock when folded on 4 sides. I used found cardstock, which is really just an old library card measuring 4 and 7/8" by 3" (124 by 77mm) and a doily 7" (178mm) in diameter. I love it that old paper stock usually comes in round imperial measurements.
b) Fold in the flaps by the sides first, followed by the flap below.
c) Fold down the top flap and seal it with a kiss. In this case, I used Herma Self-adhesive label No. 2213, 8mm in diameter.
d) Turn card over and addess with another adhesive label. I typed guest names on Herma adhesive label No. 2253, 19mm in diameter. I could use a round label as guests to this party did not have long names.

Play around with sizes and textures. Cardstock with colour works better than white ones as the contrast enhances the pattern of the doily.

As featured on: Day Dream Lily
For more information, visit mein



baby Slade is finally here


mein on maternity

mein goes on maternity leave 1-30 November 2010


mein™ stockist - TROLLEY

Works by mein can now be found at TROLLEY @ club street!

TROLLEY carries our happy range of:
1. acrylic and wood brooches

TROLLEY is located @
88 Club Street, Singapore 069456

opening hours: 
Monday to Friday
11am to 9pm

Saturday & Sunday
12pm to 6pm

Tel: (65) 6220 6898

TROLLEY is a concept boutique based in Singapore and carries functional items that are good-looking and developed from good design concepts. 

For more information, visit TROLLEY

[image from TROLLEY]


mein™ featured - Culturepush

* click image for better view
mein™ was recently invited by Culturepush to design a banner for its hugely popular blog. We are very happy whenever we have time to work cross-disciplinary. This is an old illustration that has a hidden nostalgic message. 
Works of mein™ has previously been featured on Culturepush.


Amy Earles

Back to paper dolls fixation. These gorgeous ones are from Amy Earles. Amy makes things, prefers autumn, dreams in color, reflects from half closed eyes. Working primarily in gouache and pencil, she makes articulated paper dolls, paints & draws little stories and facets of memory.

[images and text from Amy Earles.]

Find Amy Earles' etsy shop Wool & Water, website and blog


Oliver + S

Adore these pattern booklets from oliver + s, especially since paper dolls are included with every order.


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