Julian and Sophie

Julian Roberts is a London fashion designer, film maker, graphic/web designer, and Professor of Fashion at the University of Hertfordshire. He has created 13 collections under his labels, nothing nothing, Julian And, JULIAN AND SOPHIE and Parc deS EXpositions.

Sophie Cheung graduated from Printed & Knitted Textiles from the Glasgow School of Art in 2000, and obtained a Masters Degree in Mixed Media Textiles at the Royal College of Art in London, in 2002.

JULIAN AND SOPHIE - autumn / winter 2003
Pyjama Combat; No: J&S12
[image from Blow PR]

JULIAN AND SOPHIE - autumn / winter 2003
A limited range of "Pyjama Cases"
[image from Blow PR]

Julian is the inventor of a new style of garment construction called ‘Subtraction Cutting’, a free-hand method he has demonstrated at the Royal College of Art, Central Saint Martins, Glasgow School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University, Kent Institute, Bath Spa University College & the University of Hertfordshire.

The Royal College of Art invited Julian and Sophie to teach their pattern-cutting method to nine MA textiles students over a three-day period. They used to publish a beautifully illustrated guide to three techniques on their online Pattern Cutting School in full and free for all. Not anymore the last time we checked. Oh what a shame.

This is the work of Emily Parsons from the RCA class project.
[image from Blow PR]

Julian also helps support 25 of the newest cutting-edge designers represented by Blow PR/ The Off-Schedule Guide, to which he donates show production advice, designs websites, show videos and graphics.

[text extracted from Blow PR]

For more information, visit Julian and Sophie.

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