Singapore Design Festival - Icon Wall

Singapore runs its second Design Festival. In conjunction, there is a very fun Icon Wall to post designs on! anyone can join - you just need to sign in, download the template, design away and post with a short description!

I have posted 2 icons till date.

Forest is the icon for carefree zones. You can find the forest icon in the quiet pockets found hidden in the concrete urbanscape. Forest consists of 3 tress with a bird perched in the middle. The forest icon urges you to slow down and listen to the sounds of silence and smell the rain, as you bustle about in the city.

Merriment is the icon for merrymaking nodes in the city. you can find the merriment icon at enchanted hangouts in the concrete urbanscape. Merriment consists of a stag with a bird, birdcage and chandelier perched on its antlers. The merriment icon urges you to relax and listen to the sounds of joy and taste of happiness, as you bustle about in the city.

There is a contest which ended on 8 Dec 2007, 2359 hours, but we can still upload for the kicks : )

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