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While searching for doilies, I came across this great lacy stenciled lamp shade from Your Home and Garden.

Lacy Stencil Shade
Plastic doily fabric – enough to go around the lampshade
12mm double-sided tape
Enamel spray paint
An old lampstand

1 Cut the doily fabric to fit the shade by rolling it around and allowing a small vertical overlap. Cut away any parts of the doily that you wish to remove. It works better if the pattern is not too intricate.
2 Cut a length of tape the height of the lampshade in half vertically and stick one piece down the seam of the lampshade. Press one end of the fabric vertically along the tape. Place the second piece of doublesided tape directly over the first and roll the fabric evenly and firmly around the shade till the overlap, then stick down and cut away any excess fabric.
3 Place the shade on the old lampstand so you can swivel the shade as you go. Spray evenly onto the shade, in horizontal movements to ensure even coverage until you have completely covered the shade. Leave to dry, then carefully remove the fabric and tape.
4. Voila!

[images and text extracted from Your Home and Garden.]

For more information, visit Your Home and Garden.

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