Creature Comforts Birthday Giveaway

The beautiful Creature Comforts is celebrating its first birthday with a huge giveaway!

Check out the amazing works and links of contributors such as Beau Ideal; Caitlin Shearer; Clementine; Cursive Design; Freshly Blended Press; Heather Smith Jones; Holly Becker; Ink + Wit; Lab Partners; Lush Bella; Matte Stephens; My Folk Lover; Nest Pretty Things; Oh My Cavalier; Palindrome; Remake; Rifferaff; Shim + Sons; Skinny laMinx - here!

To enter, all you need is to leave a comment here with your favourite quote and your first name and last initial (don't forget to leave your email address in the appropriate field so you can be contacted if you win.) The winner will be selected at random on June 28th and will be notified by email and on Creature Comforts, Monday, June 30th!

Tons of Luck!

[images and text from Creature Comforts ]


heidi said...

oh, you have a blog too! i'll be visiting again and again! xo heidi

mein™ said...

Hello Heidi!!

Glad you found me : )
On the average I blog more at http://mein-inspiration.blogspot.com

but mein-loves is my little hideout, so it is great to know there are friends here with me ♥


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