One of our favourites this year from the Milan fair has got to be lighting fixture 'blown-fabric', by nendo.

Nendo uses a specialised long-fibre non-woven polyester material, Smash, which can be manipulated into different forms through hot press forming technology. In a process much like blown glass, the material is shaped into a seamless one-piece lantern. The lack of control in the process, allows each fixture to take a unique form as heat is added and pressurized air blown into it. As in glass-blowing, the designers can intervene during the production of each piece, resulting in a collection of objects that is infinitely varied with imperfections.

"blown-fabric" forms part of the Tokyo Fibre '09 Senseware exhibition, an exhibition intended to convey the possibilities of new materials developed with Japanese synthetic fibre technology.

[images and text extracted from nendo]

For more information, visit nendo, Tokyo Fibre '09 Senseware and Smash.

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