Paul "Moose" Curtis

British street artist Paul Curtis (aka “Moose”) began pioneering his form ‘Green’ or ‘reverse Graffiti’ in 2007. Curtis literally scrubbed his way to fame using giant stencils and high-pressure water hoses to wash reverse images (mostly of trees and nature) onto soiled city surfaces. It did not take long before the aspirant street artist began conquering the cityscapes of London, applying his vigorous selective scrubbing to more prominent walls and bridges.

[Text extracted from Neil Coppen]

update: If you have problems viewing the video, you may need to click on the video screen again to link to youtube in order to watch it.

"I tell people I make pictures by cleaning" - Paul "Moose" Curtis

For more information, visit Neil Coppen and Reverse Graffiti Project.

via Neil Coppen

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