Kowloon Walled City

I hardly blog about architecture, but this illustration is too incredible!
Prior to its 1993 demolition, a Japanese research team mapped the interior of the Kowloon walled city settlement. The team produced colorful section diagrams showing both the social and sectional topography. The tangle of activities and spaces show an existence of incredible complexity and spatial relationship to the inhabitants surroundings. 
Kowloon walled city was torn down in 1993.

Click on image for enlarged view!

The result of the research is a beautiful book 
Large Illustrated Kowloon City (大図解九龍城)
Kowloon City Expedition
Kazumi Terasawa (寺澤一美)
H. Kani (可児弘明)

find the book  here!

[images from zoohaus and visual news]
[text and information from visual newsarchitecture for guerrilla and zoohaus]


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