Rachael Whiteread

Rachel Whiteread was born in London in 1963. At the Turbine Hall in London's Tate Modern, she created a gigantic labyrinth-like structure, entitled Embankment, made from 14,000 casts of the inside of different boxes, stacked to occupy this monumental space. The form of a cardboard box has been chosen because of its associations with the storage of intimate personal items and to invoke the sense of mystery surrounding ideas of what a sealed box might contain. Walk through the Embankment in the video below.

The Unilever Series: Rachel Whiteread
Tate Modern, Turbine Hall
11 October 2005 – 1 May 2006

As one of Britain's leading contemporary sculptors, Rachael has undertaken several public commissions, probably best known for Ghost, a large plaster cast of the inside of a room in a Victorian house. She was awarded the Turner Prize in 1993 for House. A progression from Ghost, House was a concrete cast of the inside of an entire Victorian terraced house completed in autumn 1993.

[text extracted from Tate Modern]

For more information, visit Tate Modern.

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