A Walk in the Wardrobe

[image from poireton]

A Walk in the Wardrobe is a suggestive exhibit recently organized by a group of 7 fashion curators from the MA in Fashion Curation at the London College of Fashion. As a collective, they operate under the name Glass-case, and are currently exploring aspects of fashion curation. Glass-case is committed to developing new ideas in the presentation and interpretation of the dress. They aim to push boundaries and challenge the traditional museum approach to curation. The exhibition was held for a week at the Ada Street gallery.

Glass-case went beyond just visual to explore the intimate relationship between fashion and memory. A Walk in the Wardrobe was set out to trigger lost and forgotten memories through the sense of sound and smell. The soundscape of muffled noises sounding like people walking and rummaging through closets; was paired with bygone scents of moth and lilac, quite reminiscent of grandmother’s wardrobe.

[images from poireton]

The exhibit was held in two rooms. The first room showcased a more masculine wardrobe, where the walls were lined in black top hats. The other was dedicated to a more feminine feel, featuring white dresses from assorted eras, hung from the ceiling through a system of fishing wires. The whiteness of the dresses, evoked an eerie and ghostly quality.

[text extracted from Fashion projects and Glass-case.]

For more information, visit Fashion projects; Glass-case; and poireton.

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